The Early Days

The Green Fingers Conservation Center also known as the Green Fingers Sanctuary started in 2012. It is a place where we rescue, rehabilitate and release some of the most rare and endangered species in the world. Education and research of  the wildlife and biodiversity within our sanctuary is also at the core of our objectives.

Members of our team identify markets where illegal sales of some rare and endangered species are traded. We expose these practices through our media partners and buy some of these species off the hunters for rehabilitation in our conservation center. Some of the animals we have rescued include; African Grey Parrot, Olive Baboon, Marabou Stork, Pangolins, African Wolf, Bald headed vulture, Maxwells Duiker, African Civet, turtles and the list goes on.

Our ultimate goal is to release rehabilitated animals back into the wild, where they belong. However, this is not always possible for some them that may have lost their natural habitats or face threats from poachers or predators.

Some animals have become habituated to humans or dependent on us for food. In these cases, we keep them in our sanctuary for research, educational and conservational purposes, 

It is our responsibility to care!

At our conservation center, we provide the best possible care for these animals. We have a partner teams of veterinarians, biologists, animal behaviorists and caretakers who work together to assess the health and needs of each individual animal.

We treat their injuries and illnesses, provide them with nutritious food and water, and create comfortable and stimulating environments for them. We also monitor their behavior and well-being.

You can be a part of this great mission by helping us keep the sanctuary open. Donate or volunteer to enable us continue this important work of protecting our bio-diversity.