Our History

The Green Fingers Wildlife Initiative started as a means to bring people closer to nature, conserve wildlife species and to equip the future generation with the skills to wildlife conservation and sustenance.

Green Fingers Wildlife Sanctuary

The Green Fingers Animal Sanctuary is the first project of the Green Fingers Wildlife Initiative.
The Sanctuary started in November 2012 on a third of an acre of swamp land where we started planting trees and housing passerines rescued from the wildlife trade.
Overtime the selection of plants and animals have grown and we take pride in providing a simulated habitat for many of the species rescued from the wildlife trade markets.
Some of these species are listed as threatened on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and we take great care in housing, rehabilitating these organisms; some of which are released in a conserved forest.

Green Fingers Kids Club

The Green Fingers Kids Club was inaugurated by the Nigerian Conservation Centre on the 4th of November 2012. The club serves to educate, train, sensitize and engage students in matters relating to environment and wildlife conservation.
Students engage in public sensitization, ocean-front clean-up, community clean-ups and waste management programs. These serve to instil an environmental and wildlife consciousness and promote long term affection and awareness for nature.
Green Fingers Club members are also referred to as CHANGE-MAKERS
The future of our wildlife starts now!
Our objective is to sensitise and promote a conservation culture for our physical environment among the youth and to create an awareness on the need and importance of conservation of the natural environment and wildlife.

Bringing you closer to nature
conserving wildlife species
equipping the future generations.

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