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Jul - 2019

Summer School on Climate Change Awareness

Jul 5, 2019 to Aug 8, 2019
Thera Annex, Lagos
A summer school programme where participants get to learn about climate change, impact and mitigation. Appropriate actions will also feature.
Jul - 2019

Summer School on Sustainable Agriculture & Organic Farming

Jul 12, 2019 to Aug 15, 2019
Thera Annex, Lagos
Best practices on sustainable agriculture and organic farming will be the focal point during the period listed. We look forward to learning and how to implement the knowledge that will be discussed.
Jul - 2019

Summer School on Wildlife Conservation

Jul 19, 2019 to Aug 23, 2019
Green Fingers Garden, Lagos
Adept knowledge on wildlife conservation and how wildlife is of importance to man will be one of the highlight of the summer school .
Jul - 2019

Summer School on Waste Management

Jul 29, 2019 to Aug 1, 2019
Green Fingers Garden, Lagos
It is going to be all about waste mangement and recyling, proper disposal of waste.

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