Green Fingers Day

The Purpose

The Green Fingers Day event is an annual event ear-marked for both students
and adults to:

  • Experience the thrilling combination of Nature and Science.
  • Get closer to nature.
  • Learn about our species within Nigeria.
  • Learn from experts about recycling, environmental sustainability, organic farming (grow your own food), nature science and lots more.
  • Have fun while learning.

What we do

The day brings to light a host of activities: in line with the
World Environment Day and Scientific breakthroughs.
The Green Fingers day features:

  • A tour of the zoological and botanical gardens with student menbers as tour guides.
  • A green parade (a costume parade based on the theme of the event).
  • A science fair.
  • Talks by experts in the Nature and Science fields.
  • Competitions: Quiz, Debate, Arts and Crafts (recycling).
  • Other exciting events.

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Bringing you closer to nature
conserving wildlife species
equipping the future generations.

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