Green Fingers Kids Club

Strong emotions, increased curiosity

The Green Fingers Kids Club was inaugurated as a functional school club by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation's Educational Unit. This milestone set the stage for young minds to imbibe strong emotions and awaken their curiosity about what nature has to offer. Since then, we have reached several milestones and reached several young children across Nigeria through our various school programs.

Sections of The Green Fingers Kids Club

The Green Fingers School Club

This is a Nature Club that forms part of the school's extra-curricular activities where students engage in nature-themed activities one session per week.

The Green Fingers Garden Club

This is a Nature Club that occurs within the Green Fingers Gardens every Saturday.

Membership Benefits

  • Regular visits to the Wildlife Ecological Gardens and interaction with the different species of plant and animals.
  • Practical skills on wildlife management and animal husbandry.
  • Adept knowledge on issues surrounding environment sustainability and skills on managing a safer and greener environment.
  • Participation in nature themed events.
  • Skills in recycling of wastes.
  • Participating in ocean front clean-ups and environmental sensitisation and sanitations.
  • Exciting, fun and thrilling events such as scavenger hunts, landscape arts and crafts designs.

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